Warcry Starter Set

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Product Details

Everywhere in the realms of mortals, various groups of warriors embark on the dark pilgrimage to the eight points where they want to gain the favor of Archaon the Everchosen. Blades will meet, spears will be hurled and the ground will be soaked in the blood of the slain - only the most powerful warriors will triumph!

Enter the world of Warcry - a new skirmish game set in the world of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. Choose your warriors and wear fast, tactical skirmishes in spontaneous games or epic narrative campaigns in which your warriors grow and develop. This starter set is a must-have if you want to play Warcry, and it contains everything you need to start playing and it provides you with hours of excitement straight out of the box. In the package you will find:

- 8 Iron Golems - an insurmountable group of warriors that comes from the realm of metal
- 9 Untamed Beasts - a wild band of warriors that comes from the realm of beasts
- 6 furies and 6 raptoryx - mischievous chaos beasts that can appear in your games or added to your warriors as servants
- 20 fighter cards and 4 ability cards with rules for all the miniatures listed above
- a large selection of modular terrain to represent the destroyed battle areas of the eight points
- A 22 ”by 30” double-sided game board to play on
- Terrain, Deployment, Victory and
Turning Decks to instantly create great battle plans - 18 D6 showing the Warcry mark on the side of Figure 6

In addition, this starter set contains the complete and unabridged Warcry land register - your complete introduction to the world and the rules of this new game. The land register contains:
- Warcry's full basic
rules for playing the game - Free play rules, including two types of multiplayer battles for 3 or more players - Alliance of Death and Triumph & Loyalty
- Rules for balanced play, including Guidelines to balance your battle plans and tips on how to host a tournament
- storytelling rules that allow you to run exciting campaigns and tell epic stories that will make your warriors stronger and more notorious
- A campaign section that contains campaign quests for many Warcry factions and name generators to create your own warriors