About us

Crystal Lotus’s journey starts back in 2013, then known as a hobby store that aims to cover the Board Game market of the wider area of Cholargos and Papagou municipality of north-east Attica region. A group of passionate and committed contributors dedicated their time and efforts, so for the next six years the store managed not only to survive through the difficult times but also to grow substantially its customer base, finally becoming the club of choice and a hub for exquisite groups of individuals, that collectively enjoy competitive play. In the fullness of time, in December of 2019 the store was handed over and is operating since under a new administration, which continuous the demanding task of implementing bit by bit and building upon the brand’s ambitious vision. 


We firmly believe that our brand’s success lies in the core values of the store’s community and the Ikarian spirit, which we try so hard to maintain and propagate during an era of superficial act, instant gratification and continuous stress. Our circle deeply values Mindfulness, Communication, Happiness, Initiative, Well-Being, Diversity and Friendship, thus we have built this prodigious oasis, to meetup during the free evenings of the week, in an effort to rejuvenate ourselves, while doing something we genuinely love and spend some quality time with not only old, but also new friends. In simple terms, our mission is to see everyone leaving the store being a bit happier than what they were just before entering.


Our plan for the future is to continue growing and nurture the legacy bestowed upon us, becoming the place to go, for fantasy aficionados and individuals seeking intellectual exercise, through socializing and group activities. Please know that we will be pleased to meet you in person and always remember that 


“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched - they must be felt with the heart.
--Helen Keller”




Crystal Lotus