Τιμή με έκπτωση

*Το προϊόν είναι άμεσα διαθέσιμο.

Δυνατή είτε η αμεση παραλαβή από το κατάστημα, είτε ο προγραμματισμός της αποστολής του προϊόντος εντός της ημέρας.

Product Details

Tranglar™ is an abstract strategy game for 2 players with various, multi-shaped, colored pieces that players are placing onto the board.
All the pieces of the game are made up of triangles. Each player tries to conquer the board using 17 colored pieces (petrol and acid green) while there are also 8 neutral pieces (white) which could potentially help both players and change every game’s plot.

The aim of the game is to place as many game pieces of your color as possible on the board, take over and flip over your opponents’ pieces, such as by the end of the game you have more area of the board with your color on it.

To achieve this, you must place your pieces on the board in such a way that they are protected and as to take over your opponents’ pieces by encircling them, attacking them and flipping them to your color!

The player who occupies the most of the area of the board with his colored pieces, conquers the Board and declared the winner!