Tarot El Dios de los Tres

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Product Details

The Tarot de El dios De Los Tres aims to flood everything that touches with its intrinsic and particular aesthetic universe: an ode to fantasy, color and spectacle. A vibrant and urban visual cosmogony giving our tarot energy, positivity, joy and freedom. 78 Card Tarot Card Deck. Case Made of high quality polychrome cardboard. The god of the three is the artistic brand linked to Javier Navarro, who is dedicated to the realization of murals, events, collaborations with brands, decoration, artistic work and illustration.

Included: 78 cards.
Cards size: 6 x 11 cm. Weight of the deck: 207 g.
Includes instruction booklet (in English).
Plastic coated paper playing cards
New, sealed. Made in Spain.
100% authentic, original Fournier product.