Talisman: The Woodland [Expansion]

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Product Details

Since 1983, the fantasy board game Talisman, originally designed by Robert Harris, has enthralled the gaming community worldwide and has gathered not only a very loyal, but also a rather large fan base. Due to its enduring appeal, four editions have been developed over the years.

In 2019, Pegasus Spiele published the fourth edition of Talisman and all its expansions under license from Games Workshop for the global market.

Now, Pegasus Spiele is creating an entire Talisman brand in cooperation with Games Workshop, starting with a completely new, cooperative Family Game that is especially suited to play with children: Talisman – Legendary Tales was published in 2018 and was our first step in the expansion of the world of Talisman.

In 2020, Talisman – The Card Game: Clash of Heroes and Talisman Adventures, a pen and paper fantasy role-playing game, will be released as well. With these new games, players can explore the world of Talisman in any manner they like, experience exciting new adventures, and perform glorious deeds.

Many centuries ago, legendary smiths forged the Crown of Command. To prevent evil forces from obtaining it, the Crown of Command was sealed behind the Portal of Power by a mighty wizard. Only those who possess one of the legendary Talismans may pass through this Portal to reach the Crown. Over the years, five of those Talismans disappeared. Enemy forces now seek to find them, but brave heroes that they are, the players have banded together to go on a quest to retrieve the five lost Talismans.

How does it work?

• The players play cooperatively, searching for the missing Talismans in five continuous adventures.
• Every adventure tells its own story and features an individual setup. Each adventure consists of two parts, with each setting a new challenge for the heroes.
• A bag-building mechanism represents the heroes’ development. To defeat enemies, players must draw the required symbols out of their token bag. Each hero has their own set of skills, which can be improved over the course of the five adventures.

Deep in the world of Talisman, players go on a journey to magical lands and endeavor to reclaim the Crown of Command, taking on the role of a priestess, a wizard, a warrior, or one of eleven other heroes. But their path is perilous. They must defeat the lurking guardians and obtain one of the legendary Talismans in order to pass through the Portal of Power, but monsters, traps, and dark magic await players every step of the way…

How does it work?

• Each player takes control of a hero, who can grow stronger during the game, collecting equipment, abilities and companions along the way.
• On a player’s turn, they roll the die and move their hero as many spaces as the die shows. Then, they resolve an encounter either at the location, on an adventure card or with another player on the space where they stop.
• The players try to advance into the Inner Region of the game board, and reach the Crown of Command. But in order to win, they also need to eliminate all other players.

While the Talisman base game already offers hours of gaming entertainment, countless additional adventures are waiting for daring heroes in the expansions.

The big-box expansions The Highland, The Woodland, The Cataclysm, The Dragon, The Dungeon, and The City expand or replace the game board of the base game and thus offer access to new regions – from subterranean realms and dangerous mountain ranges to the busy streets of a metropolis.

Each big-box expansion also contains new heroes and more than 100 new cards.

Even more variety – especially for the endgame – can be found within the small-box expansions The Firelands, The Frostmarch, The Sacred Pool, The Lost Realms, The Blood Moon, The Reaper, and The Harbinger.

Each small-box expansion adds a new element to the game, like fearsome werewolves and vampires, malicious Ifrit, who want to enslave the people of Talisman and burn the lands to ashes, or mysterious passages connecting The City and The Dungeon with each other that are filled with both opportunity and danger.

In every expansion there are also multiple sheets with special rules for alternate endings that align with the theme of the respective expansion. And of course, there are also plenty of new cards, characters, and more to present the players with new and varied challenges time and time again.