Napoleon's Imperium 1798-1815 - EN

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Product Details

Napoleon’s Imperium is a magnificently designed team-based wargame fought out on an epic scale, set in the glorious Napoleonic Wars!

Allowing up to eight players, each player can command one or several Empires in a Two Alliance Battle for Europe.

All Empires have different strengths and weaknesses, different economic scales, and geographic advantages. As no two Empires are alike and can be played in so many ways, no two games are the same. Survival and dominance in Napoleon’s Imperium are dependent on solid player partnerships!

But although each Empire in the Alliances is vastly different, the two opposing Alliances are balanced equally. The slight imbalance of commencement strength is offset by the combination of an Empire’s unique abilities together with their geographic advantage or disadvantage.

The upheaval of changing alliances, the ramifications of treaties and the significance of world events are all represented in Napoleon’s Imperium via 160 beautifully designed “Battle Cards.” These Battle Cards balance history and real-world events with the element of chance and fog of war.

In Napoleon’s Imperium optional rules, the role of weather adds an exciting factor, affecting the movement and the attack and defense abilities of each Empire.

The average game would run five to six hours but can be campaigned to play for days. And it’s straight into the cannon fire or cannon fodder depending on your battle fortunes, as an average game would encompass an average of 80 to 100 battles!

Napoleon’s Imperium includes a magnificently designed, large scale map 34x44inch paper map uniquely circular in a “Christopher Columbus” style world globe. The globe is a visual masterpiece that reflects Napoleonic Europe and North Africa in striking contrasting colors based on each Empire.

With a “Churchill war room” feel, Napoleon’s Imperium brings a whopping 780 counters to the game. These counters represent Age-of-Sail style Fleets, Artillery, Cavalry, Infantry units, Commanders, Spies, flags, and the odd Camel, to mix it up! The land counters bring authentic tabletop hand-painted images to enhance realism.

It’s big, it’s bright, it’s attractive and interactive. But most of all, it’s addictive, bringing a new experience every time you play.

And with Napoleon’s Imperium, the more you play, the more your prestige grows as you earn ranking points with every game! Ranking charts are located within the rule book for personal and online rank tracking.

The game designer is from Australia, so don’t be surprised if you see a rare cameo of little-known Napoleonic connections to Australia in the gameplay!

Napoleon’s Imperium represents over 29 years of design development and game testing and is modelled on an award-winning prestige tabletop game that has featured in Australian media, exhibitions and used for many years as a corporate training aid for team building and strategic planning.

And there is more to come in the future with each of the Seven Coalitions being developed as new Alliance sets that can be added to this base game as future add-ons.


Napoleon’s Imperium is a turn-based game that is restricted by a timeline of years.

There is a maximum of 18 playable years in Team Napoleon; 1798 to 1815.

A typical game is five to six years or turns. Approximately 80 to 100 battles will happen in that time.

A Battle Point Game lasts 4 to 6 hours (variable turn length based on player agreement).

A Campaign Game can last up to 5 to 20 hours depending on the skills of the players as they seek to achieve a Capital Victory.

Large Scale Map – The map is divided into land territories and sea territories with different economic values Capital Cities and Sea Ports.