Magic the Gathering - Zendikar Rising Set Booster Pack

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Product Details

Return to the wild and lush plane of Zendikar with Zendikar Rising. Although the Eldrazi have long been defeated, they have left immense scars on Zendikar’s landscape. Without Eldrazi, however, new dangers have risen to the surface…. and new adventures! Form a party with your fellow adventurers and go on a search for priceless treasures. Will you find Zendikar’s secrets on your journey?

A set booster is a brand new product for anyone who enjoys ripping open boosters. With every card from this booster you have a chance to find something special. A set booster contains at least 1 rare or mythic rare and can contain up to 5 rares or mythic rares.

The set booster is divided into four chapters:

Welcome - The welcome section contains an art card, a full-art basic land and six commons or uncommons that are thematically related. There is a chance that your art card a gold signature of the artist, it is full-art land foil and the commons will be upgraded to uncommon.

Fireworks - Time for the fireworks: in this section each card visually different from the other cards, for example a showcase version. Then two cards that can have any rarity, from common to mythic rare.

Big Finish - The big finish always contains one rare or mythic rare and one foil card. The foil card can have any rarity.

Epilogue - Finally, the epilogue, here you will find a token or advertising card that can be upgraded to a card from 'the List'; a list of 300 specially selected cards from the entire history of Magic: the Gathering.

A set booster contains 14 Magic: the Gathering cards from Zendikar Rising of which:

- 1 Zendikar Rising art card
- 1 Zendikar Rising full-art basic land.
- 6 Zendikar Rising thematically related commons and uncommons.
- 1 Zendikar Rising "head-turning" card.
- 2 Zendikar Rising cards that can have any rarity.
- 1 Zendikar Rising rare or mythic rare.
- 1 Zendikar Rising foil card.
- 1 token, promotional card, or a card from The List.

Ripping boosters has never been so much fun!