LAB dice -Wave 4 – Gemini Clear Pink Luminary – 8 Die Set CHX 30042

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Product Details

Chessex™ are introducing a new concept of dice releases called Lab Dice™. Lab Dice™ are new colours that will be produced in lower quantities and usually only in polyhedral 7-die sets but also occasionally in D6 pipped die. They will offer limited editions of dice in their existing ranges of Opaque, Speckled, Nebula, Gemini™, and Signature™ as well as new ranges. Their popularity will determine which colours will be remade and incorporated into their future ranges.

However you don’t know everything yet! Starting with this release of Lab Dice™ Wave 4, is each set will include a commemorative 16mm d6 with pips! This commemorative Lab Dice™ 16mm die will have the flask logo on the six side andthe one side has the words “Lab Dice” around the single pip. If Chessex decides to include this color in their normal range in the future, this die will not be included in our normal packaging. This special die will help with future authentication of first-run sets.

Founded in 1987, Chessex™ has had a long history of manufacturing gaming accessories with an emphasis on dice. Their goal is to provide high quality gaming accessories at an affordable price.

The Chessex™ Standard Quality and consistency are the ultimate keys to making The Coolest Dice on the Planet™. Chessex™ strive to bring uniformity of size, number marking and shape to their dice. Their goal is to give you the confidence of knowing that any Chessex™ die you purchase will always be of consistently high quality

High Quality Polyhedral 7 dice set, includes the following – D4, D6 (numbered), D8, D10, D10 percentile, D12 D20. Plus one commerorative six sided pip die with logos on the 1 and 6 face.

Chessex™ Code- CHX30039

Made in Germany