Heavy Weapon Unit MH24 Alnair Rod (Plastic model)

Heavy Weapon Unit MH24 Alnair Rod (Plastic model)

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This item is limited to 3 per household.
Full length: approx 228mm.

-Excellent compatibility with character plastic models! A magical weapon that can transform freely!

-Following the previous Magia Blade, this is a heavy weapon unit that combines sci-fi and fantasy with enhanced design compatibility with characters.
-Large magic wand [Al Nile rod] can be changed to various types of weapons such as spears, sickles, armor by recombination.
-In addition, it is possible to make the core of the central base emit light by incorporating an optional milite (lithium battery with LED).
-The included magic circle type effect parts are different in size and shape for large, medium and small, and have a 3 mm joint in the center, so you can reproduce impressive scenes such as animation, games, manga etc. with Al Nile rod It is an item that you can enjoy a wide range of custom such as using it as an accent part of a robot mechanism.

-It is a weapon that can be changed from a large magic wand to various styles such as spears, sickles, wing units by recombination.
-The optional Milite series (lithium battery with LED) can be incorporated into the base of the main unit, and the core parts in the center of the main unit can emit light.
* Compatible only with the Milite 316 and Milite 327 series.
-Magic circle type effect parts are molded in clear green and come with different types of large, medium, small size and shape, each can be recombined with a central 3 mm joint.
-The circle-shaped part of the rod can be connected infinitely with the attached general-purpose 3mm joint, and it is a part that you can enjoy various customizations, such as horns, blades, armor and large wing parts, alone or in combination.

・ Al Nile rod x 1
・ Magic Circle (Large) × 1
・ Magic circle (medium) × 1
・ Magic circle (small) × 3
・ Short grip x 1
・ Long grip for FA x 1
・ Short grip for FA x 1
・ General-purpose 3mm joint x 5


( This is a machine translation. Please allow for possible misinterpretations in the text. )
Item Size/Weight : 25.5 x 19 x 4.5 cm / 149g