Ultimate Guard Mirrored Side Panel for 1/6 Supreme Display Case

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Product Details

Mirrored side panel for the Supreme Display Case (UGD030002). The perfect replacement for one of the four existing panels, if you want to display your figure with a mirror back drop to get an additional view and to create a sense of depth.

- 100% acrylic: High quality and extra sturdy material for displaying your figures in a safe and secure way.
- Acid free, no PVC: This product is completely free of PVC and acidic materials and keeps your figures perfectly safe.
- Made for UG Supreme Display Case: Every single panel is identical in size for reliable replaceability.
- Protected mirror surface: Each panel ships with a protective foil on the mirror surface to avoid scratches. It can easily be removed before inserting the panel.
- Dimensions: 380 x 247 x 2 mm